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  • Current Attendee SnapshotCurrent Attendee Snapshot
    The Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit has attracted an impressive list of C-Suite executives, Vice Presidents, Directors and Attorneys to discuss the latest challenges and solutions this June 23-25 in Los Angeles. Download now to see who you will meet and network with at the event.


  • Square Enix: DRM Boosts Profits and Is Here to StaySquare Enix: DRM Boosts Profits and Is Here to Stay
    One of the world's largest gaming companies says DRM is a necessary part of doing business and isn't going away anytime soon. This is an interview with Adam Sullivan of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., a Japanese video game developer, publisher and distribution company that is best known for its role-playing video game franchises such as Final Fantasy.

    Adam spoke with Ernesto Van Der Ser of TorrentFreak, describing how although he understands that DRM shouldn't interfere with gaming and there is currently no perfect solution, at the end of the day profit dictates that the controversial practice remains.
  • For Zynga, Anti-Piracy Efforts Aren’t Fun & GamesFor Zynga, Anti-Piracy Efforts Aren’t Fun & Games
    In this interview, Ted Hasse, Corporate Counsel IP at Zynga discusses the importance of cooperation between stakeholders in fighting digital piracy. He also shares his thoughts on the most prevalent deficiencies and barriers to copyright protection and some of the most recent developments in copyright protection.
  • Detection is the Key to PreventionDetection is the Key to Prevention
    Strategies for protecting content against rapidly evolving piracy and cyber-attack threats are discussed in this interview with Ralph Echemendia, CEO of Red Edigital. Ralph also touches on how he determines where vulnerabilities lie in an organization’s content protection and distribution delivery systems and his thoughts on the future of content protection. 


  • 5th Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit - Sponsorship Prospectus5th Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit - Sponsorship Prospectus

    Download the sponsorship prospectus to get an insight into the programme, confirmed speakers and benefits of sponsoring the 5th Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit.

    If you would prefer to receive this by email please email

  • Copyright Concerns and IssuesCopyright Concerns and Issues
    Four in-depth articles focusing on piracy issues from a global perspective: The recent Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision in Svensson threw new light on the legality of hyperlinks to infringing content. Meanwhile, the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) reached an agreement with online video network, Fullscreen, but did it tackle the ‘YouTube problem’? Continuing the same theme, The Authors Guild v Google showed why some infringers are too big to face sanction, and what was the real story behind isoHunt’s settlement with the Motion Picture Association of America?
    You may also email for a copy.
  • Impact of Emerging Technologies on Content ProtectionImpact of Emerging Technologies on Content Protection
    By, Peter Peterka, Chief Technology Office, Verimatrix


  • Recognizing and Protecting the Value of Your IT Certifications Recognizing and Protecting the Value of Your IT Certifications
    There are many ways IT professionals and IT decision makers view the value of an IT certification. The following articles shares several of these value statements to highlight the value you can receive in obtaining a certification, and the reason the ITCC wants to collectively protect that value for you and the industry.


  • Q&A: Emerging Anti-Piracy TechnologiesQ&A: Emerging Anti-Piracy Technologies
    Spencer Stephens, EVP Chief Technology Officer of Sony Pictures must provide technology leadership across a wide range of platforms.
  • How to Turn Pirates Into ConsumersHow to Turn Pirates Into Consumers
    Richard Atkinson, Adobe’s Director of Worldwide Anti-Piracy, is one of the industry’s foremost experts. During his lengthy career, Richard has led efforts to fight piracy, cyber-threats and cyber-warfare with the likes of Disney, Electronic Arts and Northrup Grumman.
  • Balancing IP Protection with Free Speech & InnovationBalancing IP Protection with Free Speech & Innovation
    In this Q&A, David Kaplan, SVP & IP Counsel at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., talks about how Warner Bros. balances these competing issues and the latest technologies and tools they are using in their content protection battle.
  • Techniques for Monitoring & Building Cases Against InfringersTechniques for Monitoring & Building Cases Against Infringers
    Jason Calhoun, Enforcement Manager at Rosetta Stone discusses how to create a robust and solid investigation ‐ the foundation you need for pursuing legal action against infringers.


  • Link Sites: As the Law EvolvesLink Sites: As the Law Evolves
    Linda Cowen, Deputy General Counsel at Penguin Group, presented this in-depth discussion about link sites at the last Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit.

Word DocumentWord Document

  • Convince Your Boss LetterConvince Your Boss Letter
    Jump start your attendance to the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit by downloading this letter and convincing your boss.


  • Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit Press ReleaseAnti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit Press Release
    Note: No download form*
    Anti-Piracy and Content Protection strategies are as important as ever in the increasingly digitized world of media, entertainment, and creative content. Across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, 432 million internet users regularly pirate content and 24% of all internet bandwidth is consumed by unauthorized digital content..... to continue reaching click on the document.
  • Download The Past Attendee SnapshotDownload The Past Attendee Snapshot
  • Measuring The Impact Of Piracy and The Effectiveness Of Anti-Piracy EnforcementMeasuring The Impact Of Piracy and The Effectiveness Of Anti-Piracy Enforcement

    By, Michael D. Smith, Carnegie Mellon University, Initiative for Digital Entertainment Analytics (IDEA)

  • Top Anti-Piracy Stories of 2013Top Anti-Piracy Stories of 2013
    The web is full of spirited discussion about content piracy; either for or against increased piracy enforcement. Mixed into this often one-sided rhetoric is legitimate, relevant, and unbiased stats, quotes and commentary. With that in mind, we scoured the web to find 9 important content piracy articles for you.

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